The Gatekeeper Project Part 2

The organisers of The Five Lamps Arts Festival – a festival located in and around Dublin’s Northside (details below), invited Naomi Sex to curate an event based on the outcomes and artworks produced by the invited artists who featured in The Gatekeeper Project which she curated; those artists’ were Cormac Browne, Sinead McCann, John Graham and Margaret O’ Brien. For the Five Lamps event, Naomi Sex invited these same artists to reiterate, evolve or develop the works they had produced for The Gatekeeper Project or to produce new works for the different context in line with their practices.

The Gatekeeper Project Part 2, April 2010 
Documentation stills running in order as follows;

Cormac Browne, title of piece: Aground
Description: Browne produced a site-specific performance utilising costume and make-up to explore ideas of boundary and territory.
Sinead MCann, title of piece: Get on Yiser Soap Box.
Description: McCann worked with the drama students John Fox, Sean Cummins and Kathleen Ward from Marino College Dublin, Ireland and used the informal political device of the soap box to create an interactive and discursive street intervention.
Margaret O’Brien, title of piece: Halting Site B
Description: O’Brien produced an object-based installation, further evolving the cable tie piece featuring in The Gatekeeper Project with a much larger scale installation that took on the new social context offered by the People’s Park in Marino, Dublin, Ireland.
John Graham worked in collaboration with Rachel Gilbourne, title of piece: A Catalyst Taxi.
Description: Graham and Gilbourne produced a transitory piece, which involved them offering their services as a free taxi service to willing members of the public at specific and scheduled times during the Five Lamps Festival. Please follow link for further details on the project.
The Gatekeeper Project Part 2 occurred in conjunction with The Five Lamps Arts Festival.