ARTICULULATE was a practice-based fine art symposium facilitated and co-organised by the No-How seminar group (Sinead McCann, Alison Pilkington and Naomi Sex). It was held at Newman House, Dublin, Ireland in March 2011. This event attempted to position the ‘symposium’ as a site and a creative platform. This positioning shaped and framed the content of the day. The title of the event derived from the word ‘Ululate’, which has a variety of meanings, including the act of howling or screaming like a wolf. African tribespeople make utterances or sounds in the throat as a form of cultural and collective ‘ululation’ in preparation for ceremonies, celebrations and events. Within the context of this event, the verb endeavoured to reinforce an experimental, expressive and creative premise for articulating artistic research, and the theme of this symposium. With this in mind, each speaker attempted to test out various forms of presentation to a live audience. The symposium aimed to contribute to a wider breadth of discursive models aligned with the current educational turn in artistic practice. Invited speakers included Sally O’Reilly (UK-based artist and writer), Gary Coyle (UK-based artist), Philip Napier (IRL Visual Artist), Sinead McCann (IRL Visual Artist), Naomi Sex (IRL Visual Artist), Alison Pilkington (IRL Visual Artist), and Amanda Coogan (IRL Visual Artist).


Production stills running in order as follows:
Featuring Philip Napier, Sally O’Reilly, Alison Pilkington and Sinead McCann.

Photographs courtesy of Ruby Wallis.