6ix Degrees

This was an artistic event conceived and facilited by Naomi Sex as part of her IMMA residency. Participants included Sarah Pierce, Jan Verwoert in collaboration with Federica Bueti, Alan James Burns, Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll and Linda Quinlan. Conceptually, the 6iX DEGREES event is loosely and playfully based on the premise of six degrees of separation with the context for the project being contained within the artistic field.

“As an action, I was curious about what would occur if I began a process of nomination that could move from curator to artist and from artist to curator and, in so doing activate the powerful social network existing in the art world. To begin the process, I produced a guideline for an artistic event entitled 6iX DEGREES and nominated the artist ALAN JAMES BURNS to re-perform a live work that I had only seen as a document and was eager to see as a live piece. I then asked Alan to nominate a curator who then would nominate an artist and so on… Alan nominated MARYSIA WIECKIEWIZ-CARROLL, Marysia nominated LINDA QUINLAN, Linda nominated SARAH PIERCE, Sarah nominated JAN VAN VERWOERT who produced a work in collaboration with FEDERICA BUETI. As an IMMA resident, I proposed the use of the studio spaces as the exhibtion venue for the artworks to play out”. (Naomi Sex)


6iX DEGREES, December, 2014 
Still features the work of Linda Quinlan and a performance still by Alan James Burns.


Reveiw of event by John Graham published in Shower of Kunst.