As a part of this project, I was given access to and permission to make artwork in E. McManus and Co. Ltd. – a fully operational fruit and vegetable suppliers situated off the busy Capel Street area of Dublin City, Ireland. However, I was not given permission to publicly show the work. -Led was a culmination of a period of work within the warehouse and comprised two site-specific video installations installed in two specific locations within the warehouse. The overall project title -Led referred to the artist, research, site and practice-led nature of the work. Conventional business hours and certain space restrictions had to be navigated and adhered to in order to facilitate this project. The act of using the business of E. McManus and Co. aided in literally framing and shaping the work I made, which referenced and was informed by career related aspirations and by the current level of professionalism associated with art practice. Having never been viewed publicly or by a live audience, this work only exists as documentation in either still or moving screen-based imagery.

-Led, August, 2008
Video, 1 minute, 18 secs
Title: Fail Better
Description: A video-based installation with accompanying sound that was installed within the main entrance and warehouse space.

Production stills
Title: Eye on the Ball
Description: A video-based piece installed in a disused bathroom at the back of the warehouse.