Rehearsed Practice

This piece takes the form of a lecture which recounts, through words and actions, details from two previous artistic projects, The Gatekeeper Project and A Structuring Structure. In Rehearsed Practice I used actors to attempt to construct and separate my artistic persona and enact the structural hierarchies within a constantly shifting artistic field. Synched movements and repeated actions with dialogue attempted to comment on a history of art practice and on a homogenised and generic field of artistic presentation. In the piece, I become an amateur actor myself, performing alongside trained actors, testing my own rehearsed performative skills in front of a live evaluating audience. This 'amateur' status coupled with the evaluation of talent are two key points of reference contained within the content of the lecture itself.

Rehearsed Practice, 2011
Production still, The Performance Art Institute, San Francisco
Actors: Mark McManus, Stacey Kreiger, Naomi Sex

Exhibited:ARTICULULATE symposium on artistic research that I co-organised with Sinead McCann and Alison Pilkington, University College Dublin, Newman House, Dublin, Ireland, 2011.

The NSU (Nordic Summer University), Falsterbo educational centre, Sweden, 2011, follow link for further details of the NSU.

The Performance Art Institute, San Francisco, C.A. in conjunction with the Arts Council, 2011, follow link for further details of The Performance Art Institute.